Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Color Trends 2010

The Color Marketing Group (CMG) recently gathered to discuss color trends for 2010. Larson-Juhl, maker of high-end framing materials used by professional framers, including MirrorMate, participated in the CMG meeting.  Their North American Color Marketing Group representative, Sherran Arthur shared some interesting insights on color coming out of the meeting: 
  • There are two major influences to the 2010 color palette.  The first being environment, and the second, economy.  
  • "Coastal-inspired colors are incorporated to respect the environment and bring a bit of the outdoors in."
  • "Happy colors are incorporated to move out of a downward economy"

Particularly of note with regard to the increasing popularity of gold tones in framing, "gold is influencing metallics as cool metals are slightly touched by yellow.  White nickel and toned down subtle gold reflect elegance."

Sherran also notes the following shifts in colors:
- Reds: Shifting to a truer red with blue influences
- Oranges:   More organic, cross cultural, global infusion
- Yellows:  Moving to lighter sunny tones with a hint of natural green, very happy
- Greens:  Fresher, regenerated, evoking a sense of renewal; Think Earth
- Blues:  Calming blue tones, inspired by the sky and sea
- Purples: Ranging from orchid to deep eggplant 
- Browns:  Nature inspired hybrid neutrals; chameleon tones

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Golden Rules

Kitchen & Bath Business today featured an article, "A Warm Front in the Bathroom," on the increasing popularity of gold, brass and bronze finishes.  They note the trend, particularly for oil-rubbed bronze, in everything from faucets to sinks.  We wanted to share some frame options that can complete the look.  The new Bellemeade frame in Champagne has a golden hue, while there's the traditional Old World Gold in Permaquid Slim and Permaquid, and Antique Gold in the Naples style.  And for bronze, try the Bronze Wave in the Venetian style or the Grandezza frame in Bronze.  They're all styles that will add warmth to the bath.

Pemaquid in Old World Gold