Tuesday, December 8, 2009

MirrorMate Photo Shoot Secrets Revealed

As you may have seen on the home page of our website, we recently finished a fun photo shoot at my good friend Sonia's home here in Charlotte.  We used both MirrorMate frames and Pizzazz MirrorSquares to makeover her bathroom, family room and master bedroom.  We thought we'd share just a bit on how we got the look featured in the photos - in case you'd like to do the same.

We started in the bathroom by taking down those harsh "Hollywood" style lights and replacing them with a fixture that casts a softer light.  We then framed the bare mirror in Cherokee Marbled Maple

In the family room we added some "pizzazz" in a great geometric pattern above the couch using Pizzazz Mirror Squares in Portage Moonlight

Finally, in the master bedroom, we hung the MirrorSquares in Tribeca Black above the bed, really highlighting the wall as a focal point of the room. 

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