Monday, February 15, 2010

Reuse That Mirror!

I talked about my bathroom remodel, but you may be wondering -- what did she do with her old MirrorMate frames and mirrors? Well, my dining room really needed a larger mirror, so I had my handyman install my MirrorMate frame and mirror from my bathroom above the buffet in my dining room. it made the room look so much bigger. Here's the before from my old bathroom, and the after from my current dining room! 

If you have a room that tends to be dark -- my dining room is on the north side of the house and does not get a lot of light -- install a large mirror. Now if I hadn't put in the large mirror, I might have done a grouping of nine Pizzazz® mirror squares™ for a lot of sparkle in this room.

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Kate Hart said...

It looks awesome! I love how the brushed metal works with the chair fabric and the wall accents. The traditional furniture looks "more on trend" by adding this touch shine. I love metallic accents in any room!