Tuesday, July 27, 2010

MirrorMate's New Styles: Providence, Cherokee Slim & Bellemeade

MirrorMate has added eight new frame options to the line.  There are now more than 45 styles to choose from, ensuring there is a frame for every style and decor!   

The Providence frame is a traditional style full of detail, including beading, ribbing and the ever-classic egg and dart pattern.  This frame is available in both bronze and silver.

The Cherokee Slim line adds four rich finishes for deliciously different looks, including nougat, dark chocolate, licorice and cherry chocolate. These looks are simple and can go from modern in the dark, and currently offered chrome styles, to downright beachy in the vanilla nougat color. These styles are value-priced, too.

Finally, the Bellemeade line now features a new design with bead and scroll edges in either champagne or cherry finishes, for a rich look in a classic frame.  Silver will also be coming soon in this ever-popular line.  

We’re seeing growing interest from customers in slimmer, simpler styles.  Cherokee Slim has widths of just two inches and are an excellent choice for the commercial sector, including hotels and condos.

Metallic and rich wood finishes are also extremely popular. We’re adding more metallic options with the Providence line and deep, warm tones with Bellemeade and Cherokee Slim.  

And coming this fall...Casco Bay. More info to come!

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